202021 May
General News

Shortcut configuration to enable a Spring MVC Controller with a @GetMapping for the root path / returning the configured view name. (disabled by default). The default zul-view-resolver config will prepend the the servlet mapping for ZKs update engine (default ) and append the -extension to locate the zul file in your application. Defines a simple InternalViewResolver resolving view names to zul files inside the class-web package (not required but still possible for packaging) The defaults above have the following effect, given the get mapping: Resolves to ZKs UpdateServlet will locate the file on the classpath e.g. in A configured prefix e.g. will be inserted before the view name: Enables ZKs RichletFilter the value has to be a servlet filter mapping such as: Requires additional richlet-mappings configured in zk.xml.

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