202021 May
The Jamstack Goes Full-Stack: RedwoodJS Tutorial
General News

I can hear it already, screams through my screen, coming from heated dev-focused threads all over the web: But trust us, we wouldn’t be talking about it if we didn’t think it was innovative and potentially special. Redwood is the brainchild of great dev minds, including Tom Preston-Werner, whom you might know best as the co-founder of GitHub and Jekyll creator. Try the live demo here (You’ll find the credentials on the demo’s landing page) See the GitHub repo here Since RedwoodJS is still in the early development phase, the documentation isn’t 100% comprehensive yet. The tutorial by Richard Haines I’ve linked above does a pretty good job at covering that part if you’re interested ;) Even though it’s not there yet, I think RedwoodJS has excellent potential overall. It brings a great alternative to other existing tools in the Jamstack community, and I have no doubt we’ll come back to it in the future!

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