202020 May
Apple-Google COVID-19 contact tracing software released
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The capability relies on an application programming interface letting approved tracing apps tap into a smartphones Bluetooth radio and monitor whether the user is close to someone who is infected or later tests positive for COVID-19. But consumers are leery of the technology, with only half reporting theyd be comfortable using smartphone apps to track potential contact with infected individuals, according to Kaiser Family Foundation polling. Contact tracing apps are also raising alarms among civil liberty groups, as Silicon Valley giants dont have a pristine track record when it comes to managing patient data. Nearly all are conducting some form of tracking and reporting, but strategies vary widely from hiring or reassigning government employees to deploying the National Guard to taking a more tech-driven approach. Kansas is analyzing anonymized cell phone data; Vermont is using a text-based monitoring system and Rhode Island partnered with SalesForce to create a COVID-19 tracking database.

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