202020 May
Optimizely adds new testing features to its free Rollouts tier
General News

Optimizely is rolling out A/B testing as well as feature configuration for Rollouts, its free tier for software experimentation and iteration platform. The goal for Optimizely is to land customers with free tiers and grab wallet share with upgrades. A/B testing has been a notable space of the software market as customers look to develop digital channels and improve experiences. TechRepublic: Continuous Testing: Surveys show contradictions in how much is actually happening in the enterprise | 10 ways to prevent developer burnout (free PDF) | Hiring Kit: Python developer (TechRepublic Premium) These digital experiences are becoming more important given the number of enterprises that need to speed up their transformation efforts during the new normal following the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition, Optimizely is launching Targeted Rollouts, a feature in its free and paid plans, to gradually roll out capabilities with more flexible rules and configurations to target audiences and environments.

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  • Data Management and Acquisition
  • Health Insurance Software
  • Content Management
  • Payment Processing