202019 May
7 Easy Ways Artificial Intelligence will Change The Education Industry
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Furthermore, it has made the academic world globally interconnected, transparent, and comprehensive using mobile applications, VR tools, video learning, interactive study material, Smartboards, digital assistants, etc. AI-based educational apps are playing critical roles in increasing learning experience and training processes for the students at any location, anytime, anywhere with better and smart course material. AI technology makes the learning system seamless because it facilitates educators, tutors, and mentors to provide higher, informed, and personalized offerings to the learners of any age. AI interfaces, like Cram101, Netex Learning enables the academics to create e-curriculums as well as a more comprehensive syllabus across myriad devices, permitting online help programs, audios, and illustrative videos. The European Union (EU) has derived some new strategies and fundamental rules to develop an education system in the right method using artificial intelligence and data analytics.

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