202014 May
Biotech “Mapmaker” Immunai Launches With $20M to Chart the Immune System
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On Thursday, New York-based Immunai emerged from stealth with $20 million in financing and ambitions to leverage its technology into the development of new cell therapies and immunotherapies for a wide range of diseases. The company, which also has locations in San Francisco and Tel Aviv, Israel, was founded last December by Voloch, a former machine learning engineer at big data analytics company Palantir Technologies, and CEO Noam Solomon, a former postdoctoral researcher at Harvard University and MIT. Immunai says its database of profiles support the discovery of biomarkers and offers insights that help scientists understand what’s happening with the immune system when the body is healthy, fighting disease, or responding to treatment. The partners say the goal is to develop diagnostics capable of detecting early signs of disease from a single blood sample. In addition to aiding the development of new drugs, Solomon says the technology can also be applied to already approved medicines, research that could lead to new combination therapies.

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