202011 May
Paradox Raises $40M Series B to Help Companies Embrace the Future of Work with Conversational AI
Funding Rounds
202011 May
$40MSeries B

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Paradox, the conversational AI platform helping HR and talent teams automate administrative tasks and deliver real-time candidate and employee communications, announced today $40M in Series B funding, led by Brighton Park Capital. The Arizona-based startup, whose 200+ global enterprise clients include McDonald’s, CVS Health, and Unilever, will leverage the funding to expedite its vision of a future where AI is a liberating force to help people do their best work. “Our clients love our AI assistant Olivia because she helps them get back to doing the strategic people work that got them into recruiting and HR in the first place.” Mike Gregoire, the Partner who led the deal for Brighton Park Capital, said the decision to invest in Paradox was rooted in a clear view toward the future. Paradox’s AI assistant Olivia augments those solutions by automating common recruiting, HR, and talent management tasks — like answering candidate and employee questions, screening leads and applicants, automatically scheduling interviews, collecting feedback, streamlining onboarding, and hosting virtual events — all through simple conversational experiences. “We’re excited to be along for the ride and to support a vision that I fundamentally believe will change the way the world works for the better.” Launched in late 2016, Paradox was founded with the belief that recruiters, hiring managers, and talent leaders should spend their time with people, not software.

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