201602 Jun

SolarWinds buys Logicnow in global MSP play


Logicnow CEO, Walter Scott, has been appointed executive vice-president of the new company and said the combined teams would utilise their domain expertise and data analytics capabilities to deliver new products. "Our strategic vision and ability to execute will provide ever-greater support to our customers as they differentiate their services and look to achieve faster, more profitable business growth,” he added. The new entity will be in direct competition with Kaseya and its CEO, Fred Voccola, has already taken a shot at his rival’s acquisition strategy dubbing it ‘risky’. “Neither N-able nor Logicnow (formerly GFI) have ever evolved much beyond basic endpoint management and are now reacting to innovations such as Kaseyas in order to remain relevant to their customers,” he added. “The only rationale we can see to this acquisition is that N-able is planning to merge their platform with LogicNow (or EOL one or the other), creating a lot of turbulence for their customers.” ­

Source: Arnnet