201714 Apr
The 8 time- & money-saving SEO tools I pay for (& 17 more I use for free)
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A tool will probably pay for itself if it costs $50 to $100 a month, and it can: The test for more expensive options is similar, but, of course, the higher the price, the more it should be delivering in time savings and/or insights. When I encountered it, it replaced Xenu — the first crawl tool my old boss introduced me to almost 10 years ago now –and lots of other arduous tasks pretty much immediately. I find it very valuable in measuring progress and diagnosing SEO issues, but simple rank reports (arguably) aren’t as useful as they once were. Full disclosure on this category: I have used some different rank trackers over the years, but this isn’t a class of tools I’ve done a ton of research in recently (here is a really nice breakdown of all of the options here, though, spoiler alert: his recommendation seems to be the same). I probably use this more to troubleshoot conversion tracking issues in AdWords accounts than anything else, but it’s also very handy to quickly see if Google Analytics code is both present and properly installed on a given page.

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