201915 Apr

Best Electronic Health Record (EHR) software of 2019


Kareo also offers one of the cheapest rates among the EHR providers here, yet it doesnt demand a contract term to try or use its services, making it an inviting platform for a small practice to try. Overall, Kareo aims for a specific market niche and by all accounts does a very good job of doing so, finding a way to balance practical needs and cost into a package that works all round. CareCloud Charts offers a very simple and easy to use EHR that aims to provide clinical reporting and patient care tools for all sizes of practice. While smaller or experienced teams may require little, due to the ease of use of the interface, theres a higher pricing tier in which CareCloud offer training in optimizing the system for better cost and efficiency savings. Overall, iPatientCare aims to make its software relatively simple and easy to use, while providing all the information needed to manage patient health records, and except for a few minor niggles it does exactly that.

Source: Techradar