201606 Sep
An Algorithm May Soon Cover Your Local Sports Team
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David Llorente, co-founder of Narrativa, said was inspired to develop an AI-powered content generation system after he tried fruitlessly to find coverage of minor league soccer games from other countries in his native Spanish. E-commerce companies, including one in Germany called Idealo, are also investing in automatic content generation in an effort to find a quicker, cheaper and more efficient alternative to copywriters. Narrativas founders met as colleagues in the computer science department of Spains Alcalá University and are firm adherents to using machine learning and Artificial Intelligence—in contrast to a programmatic approach—to generate texts. "If you have a programmatic approach you have to define the rules, to code every single line and say here we talk about if the weather was bad or good" Journalists are key to the process, Llorente added, noting that the company counts three reporters among its staff. The AP and the Washington Post have emphasized "robot journalism" as a complementary tool for journalists, rather than something that will be replacing reporters in newsrooms.

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