201611 Mar
The ins and outs of an SEO audit

Jessie Stricchiola, CEO of Alchemist Media, started off the panel by laying out the essential steps to performing an effective SEO audit. Some questions to consider are: It’s also important to identify in-house SEO owners and resources, as they will be your champions and help ensure your findings are accepted and addressed. To learn about all of the tools Arriola shared, including some not mentioned here, check out his SMX presentation: Rounding out the panel was Annie Cushing, Founder of Annielytics, who discussed how you can deliver your SEO audit reports with dignity and get the buy-in you need to make change really happen. By being organized and using templates, Cushing has found that she has more time to spend against the analysis portion of the audit versus the data collection itself, which could easily be outsourced to others. She shared her formatting tips: Because the SEO audit may shed light on some missteps by others, try being empathetic as you prepare.

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