202006 Feb

6 Inbound Marketing Strategies Small Businesses Can Learn from Startups


With such survival rates, it’s easy to understand why most small business owners are worried wondering how to attract and retain customers, hire the right people, and outdo their competition. This can be done in any business space, from Hawaii travels to photography and real estate: Help your readers implement what they learn by providing them with checklists, mind maps, and ebooks that they can access once they give you their contact information. In addition to using social media to sell, you also have an opportunity to build relationships with your prospects and customers – a cheaper and effective approach to driving more traffic and generating leads. My favorite example is from Somnifix: It doesn’t get more clear in terms of value than that: Don’t let mouth breathing ruin your sleep….and your partner’s too You don’t establish trust- According to Hubspot, businesses with 10-15 landing pages increase the number of leads they get by 55%. Once you’ve moved prospects through the bottom of your funnel — whether that’s a webinar or blog post, I highly recommend using a strategy to get them on your email list so you can begin the nurture process.

Source: Marketcircle