201717 Jul
DivvyCloud plans hiring after $6M Series A
Funding Rounds
201717 Jul
$6MSeries A

“We’re the pioneers of how the future of cloud computing needs to be managed,” DivvyCloud cofounder and CEO Brian Johnson told Technical.ly DC. The DivvyCloud platform allows for enterprises to manage their existing cloud infrastructure with 125 standard bots to find and address policy infringements or security issues. “Instead of getting emails at the end of the month saying you’ve got a thousand problems, now you only have five because we took care of 995 of them for you,” Johnson said. Around 2011, Johnson was on the EA team tasked with converting six data centers across the world into Amazon. “It will be the same for us this year and we look to do the same next year.” DivvyCloud’s funding round was led by RTP Ventures, and included an investment from Philly-based MissionOG.

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