202013 Jan

Rappi Announces Partnership With Linx to Enhance Its Platform


From now on, clients of Linx Omni OMS from various segments will be able to use Rappi to sell their products available in physical stores, offering yet another purchasing channel to consumers. The partnership is totally disruptive because no other app in the world has the variety of products that we will help Rappi deliver to its users,” explains Jean Klaumann, vice-president of Linx Digital. Through this partnership, we want to further enhance our platform by providing an even better user experience and an increasingly complete portfolio,” says Eduardo Sodero, Rappis director in Brazil. Rappi is the first super app in Latin America and solves the lives of its users by offering them a unique platform for their daily needs and desires. Besides that, the platform has a virtual wallet, RappiPay, with which it is possible to make transfers between users and payments at partner establishments, offering financial inclusion solutions for the unbanked population.

Source: Businesswire