201917 Dec
The Economics of Link Building
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Below you can see one of my favorite examples of how fierce the competition is in the niche where people want to rank for such a generic term as “link building”: This screenshot is screaming a simple fact out loud: you need to have at least 2,000 referring domains to outrank the pages that are currently in the top. Digital PR is an essential part of the promotion strategy for businesses that have recently established their brand and want to build trust with their audience. And let me just say this: for businesses that have already built some trust and visibility, getting even sixty new, quality referring domains can make all the difference and help them achieve sustainable organic traffic growth: That’s a lot to take in, I know. Another benefit worth mentioning is that the companies that you connect with during your email outreach link building campaign also invest in growing their businesses. And if you settle for the latter, get ready to spend some time on building relationships, mastering your outreach email copy, and streamlining creating valuable content.

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