201914 Nov

Marketing for Photographers, Part 2: 3 Things You Need to Think About Before Creating Your Online Portfolio


Then produce a simplified version of its design (feel free to sketch it on paper), and think over where its links will lead and what its individual pages will contain. If your page aiming for a hard sell, or do you just want to present your portfolio and create a place where you can put your best work? When your website has a good UX, that means it has characteristics ensuring your visitors will leave it satisfied and with the feeling that they saw or gained what they wanted and needed. This mock-up gives you a better idea of how your individual pages will interact, where each link will originate, and where and in what order your visitors will find important information. If you want, you can prepare your wireframe online (for example in Balsamiq, a simple tool with a 30-day trial), or just draw it on paper.

Source: Zoner