201921 Oct
5 Things You Should Know About "People Also Ask" & How to Take Advantage
General News

Elements like featured snippets, Knowledge Graphs, local packs, and People Also Ask have really taken over the SEO world — and left some of us a bit confused. By clicking on it, youre shown the following pop-up: Google states that this option is available “on some search results” and it allows users to send feedback or suggest a translation. Its already been written about many times online, so Im going to keep it simple and focus on a few easy tactics that I think will really improve your workflow: This ones pretty straightforward: how can we take advantage of PAAs if we cannot find a way to extract those questions in the first place? Instead, Ill share a few tips on what you could do with the data gathered so far: Many people think featured snippets and PAA questions are triggered by heavily informational or Q&A pages: trust me, do NOT assume anything. The fact that PAAs are now popular for a large portfolio of queries makes me think Google considers them a new, key part of the user journey.

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