201909 Oct

12 Trending Digital Products to Consider for Your Ecommerce Business


If you are in the process of setting up an e-commerce business and looking for some inspiration on the type of products that you can sell on the Web, here’s is a handy compilation of a few trending digital offerings that can help you make money online, without involving exorbitant upfront and overhead costs or cumbersome inventory and logistics management. Online learning is fast gaining popularity as a flexible and convenient mode of education in the 21st century – more so for students who do not have the time or money to acquire formal training as well as for adult professionals in full-time jobs. You can encash this opportunity by offering chargeable proofreading and editing services for academic journals, manuscripts, unpublished research papers and books, magazine content, applications to MBA schools and other documents in languages as diverse as English, Dutch, French, Finnish, Thai and Japanese. Today, more and more millennials prefer receiving and giving creative gifts in the form of experience vouchers, which let the recipients enjoy some much-needed time off and indulge their passion for activities they pursue out of interest or as a hobby, e.g. driving, adventure, sports, theatre, gourmet dining and spa breaks. Your administrative responsibilities could vary from responding to calls and emails and scheduling meetings to performing market research, preparing customer spreadsheets, maintaining records, managing social media posts and more.

Source: Notiontechnologies