201918 Sep

Reply’s Study Shows Enormous Potential for Quantum Computing as It Leaps to Market Maturity


TURIN, Italy--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Reply’s study, conducted with the trend platform SONAR, shows the level of maturity of quantum computing. Morgan Stanley analysts predict that the high-end quantum computer market will almost double by 2025, reaching ten billion dollars a year. Investment has increased steadily in recent years: Industry giants such as Goldman Sachs, RBS and Citigroup are already committing to quantum computing and hiring talent to stay one step ahead of the competition. Filippo Rizzante, CTO at Reply, comments on the new trend report: "We will see many innovations in information technology that are inspired by quantum computers. The quantum computing report is part of a series published on the following topics: Human Machine Interfaces, AI, Retail Revolution and Consumer-IoT.

Source: Businesswire