201909 Apr

CareCloud to Create FHIR Bridge in Google Cloud


CareCloud , the platform for high-growth medical groups, announced today that it is integrating its omnidirectional data transfer process with Google Cloud , enabling payer data to be securely, rapidly and cost-effectively shared and used in real-time with existing payer and provider systems handling activities such as member eligibility verification, claims history and claims processing. To make this capability available immediately, CareCloud and Google Cloud will provide this solution on the GCP Marketplace , with details to be announced at Next ‘19. The solution offers future-proofing against evolving API regulations with CareCloud’s ongoing maintenance of EDI standards (ANSI X12) and access to Google Cloud’s nationally distributed FHIR server. For deployment scenarios that are looking to take advantage of having ETL processes executing near to where archival data storage resides, the solution is also available via GKE On-Prem . “The interoperability of data between health plans and care delivery organizations like ours has been a tough nut to crack,” said Sai Kandamangalam, Vice President/Chief Information Officer of Holy Name Medical Center.

Source: Businesswire