202320 Nov

A Beginners Guide to Google Search Console


While they both provide insights into site performance and support SEO and digital marketing strategies, Search Console focuses more on search engine performance, while Google Analytics is more focused on user interactions on a website, such as conversion rates, other actions visitors take, and how much time people spend on a site. If you’ve recently made some changes to a page and want Google to crawl it again, you can do so by pressing the Request Indexing button. It might take some time for your page to be re-indexed, and submitting multiple requests for the same URL on the same day won’t speed anything up. I’ll give you just a few examples: • None Let’s say I wanted to know which blog posts on my site have been getting the most traffic from search in the past few months. That will take me to a screen where I can create a filter that shows all URLs that include “myfakesite.com/blog.” • None If I noticed my site had an unusual spike in traffic on a certain day and wanted to figure out what might have caused it, I could change the date filter to that specific day and take a look at the terms people were searching for and which pages had the highest click-through rate.

Source: Moz