202320 Nov

Distribution’s Newest Mission: Lean in to Help Your Customers Innovate


At NSA Professional Services, we have a hands-on approach to working with distributors to help streamline their operations and drive efficiency, ultimately increasing their profits. By providing support and training to workers, distributors can help improve productivity, attract, and retain talent, and ultimately create differentiated customer value. The article states, “Working back to innovate the distributor’s business model, potential changes include: generating revenue through training or mentoring; upgrading sales roles to consult on work practices and management principles; and earning new incentives from manufacturers for building their brands where they matter most—with the people that rely on their products as professionals and breadwinners. Distributors have a unique role to play in supporting their communities and addressing social challenges such as homelessness, affordable housing, and access to healthcare. Distributors have always been people-centered businesses, and in the digital age, they offer the perfect platform for creating partnerships around human values—including trust, commitment, resiliency, and more.” To successfully implement these innovations, distributors must assemble an innovation team with a deep understanding of the business and experience in solving complex problems using data and technology.

Source: Nsacom