202320 Nov

Würth Elektronik launches HyPerStripes research project


The project concentrates on two main areas: medical instruments for minimally invasive procedures, such as catheters and implants, and environmentally friendly LED lighting surfaces. HyPerStripes project partners will establish a technology platform, incorporating manufacturing techniques for roll-to-roll (R2R) processing and the integration of electronic components onto very long, flexible, and stretchable printed circuit boards. A flexible, thin strip integrating hybrid electronic components could address these interconnection issues, leading to new applications in healthcare, especially in patient monitoring. As a prominent PCB manufacturer in Europe, Würth Elektronik will mainly concentrate on flexible and stretchable PCBs using roll-to-roll processing for virtually "endless" electronics with finely miniaturised structures. The projects goal is to develop stretchable circuit carriers over one meter in length for cost-effective products and corresponding manufacturing technologies.

Source: Electronicspecifier