202317 Nov

Craftwork Out To Modernize Home Services Market, Scores $6 Million Seed Round


This entrepreneurs journey is based on my interview with Griffin and Bifulco.Griffin and Bifulco had known each other for several years, as they both were active in the burgeoning Charlotte start-up community yet hadnt had the opportunity to work together until both found themselves in between projects. And my background at Odeko led me to the concept of vertical integration, that if we not only built software, but also built a model that then employed people and instilled a sense of quality and brand thats associated with quality, we could really scale something massive, and ultimately decided to proceed forward in January of this year, says Griffin.To ensure a committed, well-trained workforce, the company actually hires its home services workers, pays them a good wage for 40 hours per week work regardless of whether or not theyre assigned to a working project, and provides them with healthcare and equity- unheard of benefits in what has historically been a single proprietor business.The company started in January 2023 and launched to the public three months later. Since launch, the company quickly gained traction growing 50%- 100% month-over-month and now has over 30 employees.The positive results to date has allowed Craftwork to attract its next funding round just 11 months into existence. It recently announced its $6 million Seed Round led by Forerunner Ventures with participation from Y Combinator, General Catalyst, Jeff Jordon, Managing Partner at 16z (Andreessen Horowitz) and Evan Moore, co-founder of Doordash.Griffins wife Suzanne has a background in HR and Operations at startups. Smpl, for example is a software platform for the management of shared working space companies.I think that I am personally driven by a desire to do more with the little time I have, and to be able to build something thats larger than myself and to pay forward the truly massive amount of privilege I have.

Source: Forbes


Nov 17 2023