202317 Nov

OMTrade Announces Seed Round Funding Led by STEPN’s Find Satoshi Lab, Folius Ventures, and Incuba Alpha


At its core, OMTrade revolutionizes social trading by realigning the interests of traders and followers via innovative product features like same-batch transactions, monthly high watermark settlement, and market-oriented profit sharing structure. With its innovative approach to copy trading, backed by some of the biggest names in the crypto industry, OMTrade is ready to embark on its mission: empower the young generation with easier access to the financial markets and a fair chance to win big with its many possibilities. In a 7x24, extremely fast-moving market, retail traders are faced with huge knowledge barriers, information siloes, unreasonable trading rules, and the general lack of professional investment vehicles to rely on. The Gamestop saga, where Wall Street Bet retail investors defeated professional hedge fund managers through unified actions on eToro and Robinhood, further convinced Michael to crystallize his long-time career dream - OM Trade. Core members past experiences include a Forbes 30 under 30 serial entrepreneur, a full-stack developer who led 20+ Defi/NFT projects, and main architects of a world top 5 exchanges futures trading department.

Source: Yahoo


Nov 17 2023