202316 Nov

Lynx announces €17 million (c.£15 million) funding round led by Forgepoint Capital to combat fraud and financial crime – Lynx


After two decades of co-development with select commercial clients, Lynx also announces the appointment of new CEO, industry leader Dan Dica, who will leverage his extensive experience growing successful software companies to help the company scale.Today, Lynx is helping leading financial institutions across Europe, the UK, the US and Latin America, including Cielo, the largest credit and debit card operator in Brazil, and Banco Santander. After extensive co-development with leading global banks, fintechs and enterprise clients, Lynx demonstrates a deep understanding of their fraud prevention, compliance and risk needs and has achieved product-market fit. Todays investment is subject to regulatory approval.Lynx is a leading provider in AI software designed to detect and prevent fraud and financial crimes, leveraging deep academic expertise and exceptional engineering developed over 20+ years to deliver best in class results. Drawing on its academic founding and its two-decade long partnership with large financial institutions, Lynx co-designed the solution with stringent banking requirements, regulatory controls and best practices. With $1B+ AUM, the largest sector-focused investment team, and portfolio of nearly 40 companies, the firm brings over 100 years of proven company-building experience and its Advisory Council of more than 90 industry leaders to support entrepreneurs advancing innovation globally.

Source: Lynxtech


Nov 16 2023