202302 Oct

The SMB Superpower: Building Individual Relationships With Happy Customers


StoreConnect is the Customer CommerceTM Company, the only fully integrated eCommerce, content management system, and CRM platform powered by Salesforce. StoreConnect has one goal: to help small and medium-sized businesses become scalable Customer Companies powered by Salesforce. Clients achieve this daily by breaking free of the shackles of what Mikel calls "Plug-in Purgatory and SaaS Hell." Many of todays eCommerce solutions are designed to get up and running quickly and inevitably hit a brick wall of scalability and extensibility as companies grow.‥ Thats why StoreConnect is built on the worlds #1 CRM, so its customers will never need to re-platform, no matter how fast they grow in size, product offerings, or regions. Being built on Salesforce allows StoreConnect customers to update their websites, funnels, and content in real-time, providing an unparalleled competitive advantage.

Source: Prweb