202302 Oct

TMS Software Blog: FNC & VCL: The best of both worlds, part 2: Syntax highlighting memos


In this blog article, we will explore two powerful options for syntax highlighting memos: the VCL TAdvMemo and the FNC TTMSFNCMemo. • TAdv*MemoStyler: Offers syntax highlighting for various programming languages, including Pascal, CSS, HTML, Basic, SQL, C#, Python, Perl, JavaScript, Lua, JSON, XML, INI, PHP, and more. • TAdvMemoSource: Non-visual component for efficient memory management when editing multiple code files through a single TAdvMemo interface. • TAdvMultiFileMemo: Control offering a full tabbed multi-file editing experience with virtually no code to write. TTMSFNCMemo is built upon a browser engine in which the JavaScript Monaco library exposes all code eding features.

Source: Tmssoftware