202302 Oct

American Banker publishes its annual Innovation Readiness research report, providing insight into the practices that can help banks reach their innovation goals


"This means financial institutions need to shift toward a tech-driven organizational culture — one that prioritizes innovation, aligns it with technology and leverages fintech collaborations." Additionally, only 40% of banks strongly agree that their organizations technology roadmap (including investment strategies) is aligned with key areas of innovation, indicating a potential missed opportunity for many. "Deliberately pursuing mergers and acquisitions, fintech investments and joint ventures can be a successful strategy, but it requires the organization to be ready to collaborate effectively in these new relationships." American Banker is the essential resource for senior executives in banking and financial services, keeping its users updated on vital developments and focusing sharply on their most important concerns — innovation, transformation, and disruption; technology, regulation, and reform. Our global reputation is gained from more than 30 years of experience delivering superior digital solutions at exceptional speed by top-tier engineering talent to enterprise industries, including high tech, financial services, healthcare, life sciences, retail, energy, and manufacturing.

Source: Prweb