202302 Oct

CDO interview: Lalo Luna, global head of strategy and insights, Heineken | Computer Weekly


Having developed a range of data leadership skills at blue-chip businesses, his priority now is to use that knowledge to help the brewing giant make the most of emerging technologies and the treasure trove of information the company holds. He says this ecosystem uses software-as-a-service (SaaS) technology and Stravito’s enterprise insights platform to offer simple yet robust digital solutions to the data challenges the rest of the business faces. Luna says KIM is a core component of this strategy and the platform democratises access to data, making it easier for internal users to get hold of key insights quickly and effectively. So, it’s not an easy task, but the tough times we’re in require a lot of effort.” Luna’s preparatory efforts in terms of cloud-based applications and insight management platforms means that many of the digital systems and services are already in place. While some blue-chip enterprises might fear being left behind by the rapid pace of change due to fast-emerging technologies, Luna and his team are being encouraged to keep pushing their insights-led approach to digitisation.

Source: Computerweekly