202302 Oct

Microsoft C.E.O. Testifies That Google’s Power in Search Is Ubiquitous


Satya Nadella, Microsoft’s chief executive, second from right, arrived at federal court in Washington on Monday to testify in the government’s antitrust case against Google. In more than three hours of testimony in federal court in Washington, Mr. Nadella was often direct and sometimes combative as he laid out how Microsoft could not overcome Google’s use of multibillion-dollar deals to be the default search engine on smartphones and web browsers. The image of the chief executive of a leading tech rival — Microsoft is one of the world’s biggest public companies, valued at $2.4 trillion — saying it could not easily fight Google was striking. Mr. Nadella’s testimony underscored how entrenched Google has become in online search as the government seeks to prove that the company broke monopoly laws by striking anticompetitive deals to crush rivals. has also filed an antitrust lawsuit against Meta, claiming it snuffed out nascent rivals, and the Justice Department has sued Google in a second case over its control of online advertising.

Source: Nytimes