202302 Oct

7 Common cybersecurity misconceptions you shouldnt fall for


We break down the common myths that can compromise your security posture, and provide ways of improving business resilience in the face of evolving cyberthreats. Such findings highlight how cybersecurity must be a shared responsibility across departments and company roles, with all workers doing their part in staying vigilant, well informed, and proactive in recognizing and mitigating online threats. Achieving comprehensive protection will require additional strategies, such as adopting a risk-based approach and tailoring your security measures to your business’s unique vulnerabilities. Periodic security assessments can help with this, as they identify any flaws in your current framework and help guide improvements, ensuring your protection evolves with the threat landscape. The price of prevention pales in comparison to the exorbitant cost of a data breach, making cybersecurity a sound and necessary investment for businesses of all sizes.

Source: Netwize