202302 Oct

Apple says software bug and certain apps causing iPhone overheating


Apple has identified the causes of an overheating problem with its latest iPhone series, including a software bug and using certain apps. The tech company said it would issue an update to fix the bug in its iOS 17 software and was working with developers whose apps had overloaded its handsets. Instagram, owned by Mark Zuckerberg’s Meta, modified its app last week to prevent it from heating up the device on the latest iPhone operating system. There was always an option to tweak the software to mitigate thermal issues and this appears to be the approach it has taken.” Experts speculated that the iPhone 15 Pro, powered by a powerful new Taiwan-made chip, was overheating because its titanium-made wrap might be less effective at dissipating heat than the stainless steel case used by its forebears. The company added that the problem was not related to a shift from its proprietary Lightning charging cable to a USB-C port that allowed it to comply with EU regulations.

Source: Theguardian