202302 Oct

FTX customers who lost a fortune on the bankrupt exchange are doubling down on crypto


In a new documentary premiering Monday, FTX customers, insiders and investors tell CNBC that despite not receiving a single dollar worth of cryptocurrency back, theyre optimistic on the industry and plan to keep investing. Jake Thacker, an FTX customer in Portland, Oregon, told CNBC he lost hundreds of thousands of dollars shortly after losing his job in the tech industry. Instead of waiting for the recoveries to eventually be distributed to FTX customers, Kannegundla went online and found a company that would help him sell his bankruptcy claim for pennies on the dollar to get a little bit of cash more quickly. Speaking about his plan to move forward, Harrison said hes been raising money to start a new company in the space called Architect Financial Technologies. Scaramucci told CNBC he "was building a close relationship with Bankman-Fried" and felt "betrayed and disappointed" when FTX collapsed after making a $10 million dollar investment in the exchanges FTT token.

Source: Cnbc