202327 Sep

Shapr3D Redraws the Future of Mobile CAD Programs


Hear it right from the source: The Shapr3D CAD software has been in development since 2015 and is designed with a combination of a well-polished user interface and robust computing power. But Snapdragon mobile platforms can bring that power to users like Shapr3D’s customers, who Akos says are often on the go or making last-minute tweaks to their 3D models right before production. This desire to expand the reach of Shapr3D to mobile users helped inspire the idea to make the tool accessible on portable Windows devices. But, according to Akos, the addition of Windows on Snapdragon support has been mostly smooth sailing aside from expected common porting issues, like adjusting to how different platforms handle various data types. Having now been through the paces of porting to Windows on Snapdragon, Akos recommends that other developers looking to do the same invest in the technology foundation early and leverage continuous integration (CI) techniques to perform any updates or code base changes.

Source: Embeddedcomputing