202325 Sep

Oracle announces new generative AI services for healthcare organisations


Oracle has announced new generative AI services for healthcare organisations in the form of a new Oracle Clinical Digital Assistant, enabling providers to leverage the power of generative AI together with voice commands to reduce manual work and place more focus on patient care. While EHRs have helped reduce errors and enhance the continuum of care, patients are often left feeling disconnected, unheard and unsatisfied when a provider spends the majority of the appointment staring at a screen. The generative AI-powered Oracle Clinical Digital Assistant alleviates this issue to enable physicians to give their full attention to patients while dramatically simplifying administrative tasks. Suhas Uliyar, senior vice president of product management at Oracle Health, said: “The EHR should be a provider’s best ally in delivering engaging, personalised care to the patients they serve. The information and images are then delivered in a relevant order that helps the physician gain insight into the appropriate treatment path without requiring a multi-menu, multi-step interaction with the EHR.

Source: Digitalhealth