201819 Sep

PactSafe Launches Chat-to-Sign, Converting Live Conversations Into Legally Binding Contracts


As technology advances, our users are accessing different channels to communicate whether it’s through phone, messaging apps, live chat, or email,” said Eric Prugh , PactSafe co-founder and Chief Product Officer.“With Chat-to-Sign, we’re expanding our vision to deliver the tools our customers need to successfully create and complete personalized or standardized contracts no matter the location.Requests for new seats on a platform, business proposals or employee documents, such as new hire forms, can all be sent directly to the necessary respondent’s messaging application.PactSafe’s modern signing methods are saving businesses time and money and it’s instant legal records are increasing peace of mind.Through PactSafe’s solutions, customers like Angie’s List, CDW and TiVO protect their legal and business records, and save employees time through high-velocity contracting.

Source: Businesswire