202315 Sep

Paris-based ColibriTD closes €1 million to make quantum computing universally accesible for all industries


Coming from different backgrounds, Dr. Laurent Guiraud, with a Ph.D. in physics and successful product roles at Google and AWS, and Hacene Goudjil, with a successful career in business development and corporate social responsibility, co-founded ColibriTD with the aim of making quantum computing universally accessible to enterprises across different industries and sectors. From automotive to aerospace to healthcare, key challenges remain in addressing decarbonization, pandemics, climate change, and more. Founded in 2019, ColbriTD has assembled an experienced team of researchers, complete with key academics and industry partnerships. Building on our hypothesis around Quantum Computing (QC), we believe that a connection between engineering tools, such as simulation software, and the QC-full-stack is crucial. After meeting the founders of ColibriTD, we are convinced that we have found the right team and approach, supported by leading academic and industry experts.” With the funding infusion, ColibriTD will accelerate the development of the quantum as a service platform, working on existing hardware with applications in a broad range of industries, starting from aerospace and expanding to use cases in healthcare.

Source: Eu-startups


Sep 15 2023