202320 Aug

Xeoma in Docker (but Not in Kubernetes)


I had narrowed my desired setup to a few usual suspects: ZoneMinder, Shinobi, BlueIris, and one that I hadnt heard about before: Xeoma. I wanted something that would record (and archive) 2 cameras on my local network, could run in Kubernetes, and would allow for a mobile application some time down the road. The limit of 3 modules is not hugely problematic for my case, but later I found that might be a bit too low (due to how chaining works) even for me. I likewise removed Pro from consideration as it was way more expensive and it actually didnt offer anything that I needed for my monitoring setup. One thing I couldnt notice in trial mode was that the license was connected to the MAC address of the pod the software was running on.

Source: Medo64