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Building the data framework for LLMs


Just two months in, I joined forces with Simon Suo, a brilliant AI technologist and my former colleague, and we evolved LlamaIndex from an exploratory project into a comprehensive framework designed to connect a users private data with LLMs. Even with the capable toolkit that weve developed, we were just starting to scratch the surface on unlocking value from data.We are thrilled to share that LlamaIndex has secured $8.5 million in seed funding, led by Greylock, to help propel these efforts further. Well broadly break this down into two categories: 1) our continued commitment to the open-source developer community, and 2) solving the data problem at scale for enterprises.Build the best open source data framework and developer communityAt a high-level, we want to continue iterating on our core feature capabilities, improving reliability, and satisfy both the needs of beginner and advanced users. We will develop clear tutorials, examples, and tools to simplify the learning curve and convey the value of all of our features.Solving the data problem at scale for EnterprisesAs were iterating on the open-source project, we also want to identify the surrounding pain points in being able to build and deploy data-powered LLM apps to production. Check out our form here.Join the Llama(Index) gang as we embark on this journey to solve problems at the intersection of LLMs and data.

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Jun 06 2023