202306 May

3 Themes That Manufacturers are Focused on in 2023


With supply chain disruptions intensifying time-to-market pressures and heightening customer expectations, the ability to swiftly adapt has become a make-or-break factor for organizations across a variety of sectors. In manufacturing, three issues have stood out as priorities as businesses take advantage of the cloud to improve their digital posture: sustainability, cost pressures and ongoing supply chain disruptions. As they scale into new regions, common data available in the cloud gives geographically dispersed partners and suppliers the information needed to unify their business processes and tweak labeling content on the fly. With this in mind, digital traceability driven by cloud technology can help to achieve these objectives by allowing companies to track their products across the entire manufacturing process. As globalization continues to shape the manufacturing landscape, businesses are feeling increasing pressure to optimize their supply chains in order to meet growing demands, all while staying environmentally sustainable.

Source: Sdcexec