202316 Mar

OTF invests in Tunisia’s edtech Shape


Through this round, OTF injected 50 thousand dollars into the capital of the Tunisian company.Founded in 2021 by Rahma Abid, Shape has developed a digital platform that allows professionals to access continuous learning training. Users of this platform can develop a personalized training plan that meets their career plan.I started with a simple story on my Instagram account on September 29, 2021. And again, I had new problems because I didnt have enough resources to have a good product, so I applied to the flywheel AIR 1 program in March 2022, but I got a rejection in May 2022. I was awarded the startup label from Startup Tunisia, par Smart Capital on December 1, 2022, she added.According to Abid, by the end of 2022, Shape did the following in numbers: 3 Cohorts in the Shape your future program; 20 people recruited by our partners; 30 partners including two universities; 1 cohort in the highlight your skills program with 20 candidates selected and 350 candidates in progress for future cohorts; our database contains over 1000 people needing Shape and this number is the real challenge for me; we also have partners in France and Canada.OTF is very involved in the Tunisian entrepreneurial scene. Apart from Galactech, the fund has also participated in the financing of several Tunisian startups such as SgharToon, Wattnow, Avidea, and Seemba.

Source: Wamda


Mar 16 2023