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202317 Mar

In-Game Advertising: Challenges and Opportunities for AdTech


Companies that are starting to invest in in-game advertising are seeing a lot of benefits and innovative ways of reaching their target audience without disrupting the user experience. Therefore, they may face challenges with choosing the right AdTech platform that will provide a seamless ad-serving process in the in-game environment without disrupting their user experience. For instance, if it is raining while the player is driving a racing car, then the banner seen at the end of the finish line should be muddy, blowing in the wind, and spattered with raindrops. • Dynamic ads — require an Internet connection and can change upon a player’s game progress, are flexible, and can be updated in real-time and based on a user’s location. Although most digital advertisements are often viewed as a nuisance by most Internet users, it seems like there is one environment where a lot of people don’t mind seeing ads provided they match the context of the game.

Source: Clearcode