202317 Mar

Advantage Austria: Gamification and Collaboration in the Metaverse Workshop GAMIFICATION+


On 15th March, with Advantage Austria, we delivered a workshop on gamification and collaboration in the metaverse, which we delivered in the metaverse(s)… Our attendees learnt about gamification (interactively of course) and took a dive into examples of how the combination of the metaverse and gamification is powering collaborative working. With a plethora of examples showcasing benefits to inclusivity, innovation, co-creation, training and embedding corporate culture (values and strategy) and, importantly, productivity. They then took part in a live group work in the metaverse experience. In fact, in between group work exercises we moved the event from gather.town to ZReality, replayed the group exercise and then compared the collaborative experience between two very different feeling virtual worlds. From an engagement point of view I was a fan of gather.town, this platform made it easy to run a treasure hunt and fun to navigate to password protected team breakout rooms.

Source: Gamificationplus