202316 Mar

Seamless Therapeutics Launches with $12.5M Seed Financing to Advance Transformative Gene Editing Platform Based on Programmable Precision Designer Recombinases


The companys pioneering recombinase platform is able to program a widely used and established molecular biology tool to unlock the full potential of gene editing enabling the targeting of any site within the genome. The seed round was co-led by Wellington Partners and Forbion and includes non-dilutive financing from BMBF GO-Bio, a prestigious German government initiative aimed at supporting the most innovative startups in the life sciences. ""Our modular platform has succeeded in reprogramming site-specific recombinases to any given target sequence effectively breaking the existing hurdles of leveraging this potential best-in-class gene editing system to treat human disease," commented Felix Lansing, Co-Founder and Chief Scientific Officer of Seamless Therapeutics. Seamless Therapeutics has a first-mover position with its innovative platform capable of modifying the long held standard recombination technology into a universal gene editing tool with unprecedented specificity. With funds totaling more than 1.2 billion, thereof 590 million committed to life sciences, Wellington Partners has been actively supporting world class private companies translating true innovation into successful businesses with exceptional growth.

Source: Yahoo


Mar 16 2023
Seamless Therapeutics