202306 Feb

TMS Software Blog: TMS WEB Core and More with Andrew:<br />Working with Home Assistant - Part 3 - WebSockets


Well also get started on a new TMS WEB Core app, designed using the Miletus Framework, with the ultimate goal of running it as a native Raspberry Pi application. And plenty of hardware for mounting something like an iPad or a Raspberry Pi-equipped touch-screen directly into a wall with all the necessary power and safety considerations. Our goal for this project is to create a bespoke UI that will ultimately run natively on a Raspberry Pi, as well as every other Miletus-supported platform, which currently also includes Windows, Linux, and macOS. Lets say we want to use that to display some Home Assistant data and interact with it, imagining perhaps that this would be an in-wall UI type of application. Next, wed like the application to pick up as much information as possible from Home Assistant, using it as its main source of data whenever possible.

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