202306 Feb

TMS Software Blog: ChatGPT experiment with scary result


Everyone talks about ChatGPT and how it will change the world, and especially affect knowledge workers, so obviously we follow this topic and experiment with the technology. We asked ourselves, could ChatGPT write a blog article without anyone noticing it was not written by one of our team. The question we asked ChatGPT was: You can see the result here and we actually literally copied & pasted the ChatGTP generated text in our blog system and published it. Although there is no scientific measurement at all, lets just assume for ease of calculation that each of the mathematical possibilities had an equal chance, that means that 1/3, or over 200 people were in the middle category and did not find inaccuracies. If you are a TMS ALL-ACCESS user with an active license, go to your "My Products" page on our website and grab the beta and explore the newest features.

Source: Tmssoftware