202330 Jan

TMS Software Blog: TMS Web Core and More with Andrew:<br />Working with Home Assistant - Part 1 - Introduction


But there are many different vendors that offer smart lighting products in every imaginable size and shape, with a steady stream of new entrants into this space seemingly every week. In todays post, were going to kick off a mini-series that will explore Home Assistant , and how we can craft TMS WEB Core projects to interact with it in all kinds of interesting ways. A big chunk of the value that we, as developers, might offer a potential customer in the home automation space might well be derived from hiding exactly this ecosystem interoperability issue. Our primary objective, then, is to see how we might build TMS WEB Core apps (or other apps) that can participate in this home automation space, addressing whatever pain points we run across, while also contributing towards that ultimate goal.As this is such a large topic generally, lets cover a bit of background, so we have a better understanding of where Home Assistant fits in, and what kinds of projects we might want to develop using TMS WEB Core. Newer smart devices, including those from Philips, typically now support Bluetooth or Wi-Fi directly, reducing the need for separate hubs much of the time.

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