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202324 Jan

TMS Software Blog: Extend TMS WEB Core with JS Libraries with Andrew:<br />Shoelace Web Components


Over the course of any given project, most developers these days have access to an impressive array of building blocks to help achieve what theyre after, without having to reinvent the wheel every single time something common comes up. The usual CDN approach works fine here, or the library files can be downloaded and included directly in your project. If MyButtonClick only needs to handle one specific button, then all that event stuff can be left out and you can get by just fine with just the call to ShowMessage, without even any need to pass it a parameter in the first place.One more thing before moving on. We can also change certain style aspects of the component when theyve been exposed, as is the case here with the --width, --height, and --thumb-size properties.This makes it pretty easy to adjust everything just how wed like. Lets change the thumb to have a thicker ring with a bit of a shadow effect, and maybe reduce the border-radius of the control so it is more rectangular rather than perfectly round.This gets us the following.Plenty of other customizations can also be made with respect to colors and so on, using this same approach.

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